Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's about time!

So, it's been. . .  oh, several months, I guess. I know you've all been missing me like crazy. The lack of my sparkling wit and stunning personality have left you all devastated, I'm sure. So, after the long silence, here's an update.

On the writing front, there's nothing new to report. I've read a lot. And I mean a lot. And, in a strange way, I'm learning a lot about writing from all the reading I've been doing. Wake, Fade, Liar, and more. It's been good. I haven't really written much of anything at all. My laptop died about two months ago and we only just replaced it. (Fortunately, there was a back up of all my files.) Between the computer and being sick, my motivation to put fingers to keyboard has been pretty close to nil.

I've discovered a few things, though. I really am a writer. Even when I don't have the ability to write, the ideas don't stop. I have things to work on for years to come. It's pretty great. Also, I'm far too critical of myself. I spent a while feeling really bad about not being really active with my writing. I have to remind myself that two years ago, I didn't even know I could write a book and now I have two finished first drafts with edits and real potential. Even if I have to take an extended hiatus, I know I'm capable of the work and that is a huge thing to discover about myself.

So, this has brought me to a few conclusions. First, since I'm capable of doing it, it won't really matter if I take an extended break from writing. My kids have to be my first priority, especially since they are all so young. And time consuming. Second, even if I'm not actively writing, I can still be improving my craft. I can have a writing journal for new ideas. I can read books to see what works and what doesn't. There's lots of ways to keep my hand in, so to speak.

I still want to stick around in the blogosphere, so I'm working on a few things in the back of my head. Maybe a weekly post about what I've learned from the books I read or some other such thing.

Now, for some really exciting news. We found out we're having a girl. It's pretty great after two little boys. She'll be the  most rough and tumble girl, ever, based on her brothers. She'll have to be just to survive. We're halfway through pregnancy at this point and things are starting to settle down. I feel a lot more stable and less sick. It's great.

We're also in the process of buying a house. We've been renting for years and years, so putting down roots is a little scary. We've never been ones to do major life events one at a time, though, so it's all good. I like staying on my toes. (At least I tell myself that. It helps with the insanity.)

So, there you have it. That's me in the last several months. Hopefully, there won't be such a long gap before my next post. Have a great week, everyone and we'll see you all again soon!