About me

I grew up in small town, Utah, USA. I'm the oldest of eight kids, which makes me opinionated and stubborn. I'm always right (except when I'm not.) I spent a lot of time as a young single person, following the ten year plan for college. I graduated from Southern Utah University with a degree in Psychology. I married my best friend and we got pregnant with our first little boy on our honeymoon. (Yup. I'm one of those.)

After nearly five years of marriage, we've had three kids, several different jobs, a college degree for my husband, four apartments, our first home, and many other adventures. After all of these grand adventures, I decided to do something that would keep me around but still be fun and started writing novels. So far, I've finished drafts of two novels, started two more, and begun the long process of revising. It's been an interesting journey and I'm learning a lot about myself and my passion.

I don't expect any one to get anything out of my personal journey except myself. If you happen to find me and feel inspired, so much the better! Thanks for stopping by!