Friday, July 19, 2013

Seeing things through the eyes of Time

I used to think I was this amazing writer. Back when I had first started. You know, when the rosy glow colored everything with sparkles and glitter. I think every body thinks that. We aren't objective about it.

It's been more than 4 years since I first sat down to write. and I picked up that first story again. I still love it, but as I read from then, it feels so pretentious. So verbose. So PURPLE!

I was pretty naive about writing. I thought all it took was just putting words on a page and then someone loves it and puts it into a book and then people buy it! And I wasn't even close to being ready.

Now, editing this book, I'm seeing all the rookie mistakes and the things I thought were so beautiful crafted. And some of it really is beautiful writing, but it doesn't go anywhere in the story. It doesn't tell anything about the character or further the story arc or anything really important. And, for the first time, I can really see myself cutting out huge chunks and replacing them with better, more important, pieces.

It's surprising and nice. I'm happily murdering my little darlings and leaving them on the editing room floor. (Which, by the way, happens to be the rug in the living room, but we digress.)

So to all of you who are like me, take some time away from that book and let yourself grow in your writing. you'll be surprised what you see when you come back to it.