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Current draft: 2
Awaiting another round of revisions

Ella has always been the ugly one out. A curse forced her parents to leave her on a doorstep as a baby. Only comfortable around the other household servants, she is made a slave to her adoptive mother and tormented by her beautiful sisters. No one is more surprised than Ella when the fairy who left her on that doorstep years before returns to correct her mistakes. Now, she's finally going home to the place she belongs, with other people like her, but things aren't matching up to her dreams.

Current draft: 3
In the process of a major rewrite

Beauty grew up with a curse: she will prick her finger on a rose's thorn and die. Her only hope to survive past her 17th birthday is to find first love's true kiss. That would work if she were ever allowed to have a suitor, or friends for that matter. Instead, her parents have kept her closely guarded and secluded from everyone in the hope that the curse will just miss her completely. That is until her father runs into the monster in the fairy woods and she runs away. Now, she's in the Beast's castle, surrounded by the one thing that can kill her and only a monster for company. She has no idea how to find love and time is running out.

Current draft: 1
On the back burner until rewriting is done

Glenn has a gift; he just doesn't know it until Douglas shows up one day to tell him why everything always works out for him. He's a Musician, with the power to make things happen with his music. Glenn has no idea how powerful this magic can be, but he's about to find out. The world is held together by the melodies of the Musicians and he's the last one. And he thought choosing which girl to take to prom was tough.