Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A tough time

Well, sorry for the silence again. I'm just not that good at this right now. Between actually trying to write, working, and family stuff, the blog is pretty much the first to get the ax on any given day. And it's just gotten more complicated at our house.

Baby girl, who turns 1 year old tomorrow, is allergic to eggs. We found out a few days ago when she tried scrambled eggs for the first time. She's probably been allergic for a long time, but we didn't realize what it was until she had the egg on her face, so to speak. She broke out with a bright red rash and welts and got a little wheezy. The whole shebang. And now, it seems to make a lot of sense that she's had a diaper rash that just wouldn't go away.

The worst part? She's still a nursing baby and egg protein is one of those things that goes straight through. So, not only does she not get any egg in her diet, but neither do I. And egg proteins don't break down when you cook them. That means you can't have eggs in any products. Noodles, cookies, cake, bread. Yes, bread. I now have to read every label of everything we ever eat. And there's an awful lot that is on the no go list now. It's giving me a head ache. And a bit of the blues. And it is still so new that, every new item she can't eat (and by extension, me) just makes me sad.

So, yeah. Things are interesting at our house. Hopefully it will settle down again soon. And we'll have it all figured out.

In other news, my blog is having a birthday on December 22. It will be 2 years old. What should we do to celebrate?