Monday, August 27, 2012

Just popping in

Things of note today:

1. Baby girl, who still doesn't have a name, is making her appearance on Thursday morning. My OB is a two hour drive away and he doesn't want to risk labor on the freeway, so at the very latest, we are having a baby that day. It's exciting to be only a few days from the end.

2. Sweet hubby got me a kindle. It's kind of a pre-baby gift. I've never thought that I would enjoy one. I've always kind of equated it to reading on the computer, which I don't prefer. I have to say, I was wrong. E-ink is almost the same as a regular book. So, it's nice. And I like it!

3. I've turned on word verification. I know. I hate it too. I just have gotten 20 anonymous comments on the same post in the last two days, all of them trying to sell me on buying viagra online. Yeah. I don't like it too much. We'll see if it goes away.

See you all on the post-baby flip side!