Friday, March 4, 2011

Everything is complicated

Well, I've spent the last little while trying to get back into the swing of things, and it's a little more complicated than I expected. Baby girl still wants to be held a lot. (She's gotten one cold after another from her older brothers.) When holding baby girl, I only have one hand to type with. When not holding baby girl, everything else that needs to be done has to get done, like laundry and house cleaning and feeding the boys. It's a real balancing act and there is very little room for all things writerly.

I guess what it comes down to at this point is that I still want to be writing and the ideas are flowing, but the timing is off. I'm still going to write whenever the opportunity arrives, but trying to enforce a regular writing schedule in the craziness that is my life is like swimming upstream in a river of tar. And equally unpleasant, I might add.

A wise woman I know once told me, "There is a time and a season for everything in your life. Right now is your time to be a mom. Other things will come in their season." So the upshot of this, my friends, is that I'm not going to continue to put some huge "writer" expectation on myself and feel bad about it when everything else gets in the way. On the good days, writing will happen. On the bad days, when writing doesn't happen, I won't feel bad about it. Other things are more important right now. I'll still be writing and trying to post, just not with any kind of expectation of when or how much. Hope you all have success in your ventures. And you never know. Things may change when there aren't three kids under the age of four at my house. (I anticipate having at least some time when oldest son starts preschool in the near future.)


KarenG said...

I've learned that there are other things to do when the actual creative-type writing isn't taking place, and yes having small children takes precedence! But things like journaling, reading, writing small snippets in a notebook can feed the writing soul and prepare for when the timing is right.

Chantele Sedgwick said...

I have three kids under six, and it's so hard to have a writing schedule. I can only write when my kids go to bed, and sometimes my baby, who is one next week, doesn't want to go to bed until pretty late! She's teething, so you know how that is. :) It's hard, but I find time. I only wrote one book last year, while my baby was a newborn, and I was happy with myself for that. Someday when all my kids are in school, I'll have more time. Right now, I just take it when I can. I just found your blog through Krista's. Nice to meet you! :)