Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Terry Tibke's Upgrader Blog Tour

Hello again, every body. I promise to get back to regular blogging again soon. Before then, however, I'm participating in the blog tour for Terry Tibke. He's a writing ninja at the Dojo where I hone my writing skills and I am pleased to tell you about his book, Upgrader: Re-engineered.

A dimensional rift has opened, and now a headstrong young man must learn to use an ancient power before the Earth is enslaved.
Dylan Kent is exposed to a mysterious energy from another dimension! Transformed into an ever-changing warrior, Dylan must harness these new powers in order to keep our world free from intradimensional invaders. These invaders have come to our world in search of the power Dylan now possesses. If Dylan is unsuccessful in repelling them, not only will he die but our world will die with him!

This book was a fun, quick read. There's lots of action from the very first words. If you like graphic novels, the feel is very similar. There's interdimensional travel, tentacled creatures, and a sentient power source that could protect or destroy the world--depending on who gets their hands on it. Fortunately for us, average teenager Dylan finds it. He's got the usual concerns about being on the team and looking cool for his girlfriend. It just takes a little nudge to make him into an extraordinary hero, ready for a fight that will save the world.

I enjoyed Upgrader. Dylan is easy to relate to as a character. The story has a fast pace and is easy to follow. It would be enjoyable for middle grade readers, as well as the young adult market it was intended for. It's the perfect read for a reluctant reader. And, in the highest praise I can give a book, I'll be loaning my copy to my 14 year old brother. He'll have a good time with it.

You can check out more about Terry Tibke and his book by clicking on the button in the sidebar or by following the link.


Nisa said...

Yea! It was a fun read, huh? I hope you're doing well!

Kayeleen Hamblin said...

I am doing well, Nisa! It's quite the adjustment to move, but we're getting back to normal.

It's fun to help out a fellow writer. I hope Terry's book does well.