Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Words! New Words, I tell you!

I've written new words. I've deleted a lot of old words, but I've written new ones to replace them. It's grand and exciting.

I pulled out the first story I ever finished. All 40,000 words of it. And I still love the idea. So, I'm looking at it again. and writing new words! I didn't think I would get around to writing anything at all this year, taking a break until baby girl is a bit bigger, but I'm getting back into it. And it really does feel great. New ideas to expand the story and improve it. (Thanks to new writing friends.)

Also, I've joined ANWA--American Night Writers Association. I'll be heading up a new chapter, here in my little southern Utah town. It's exciting to be finding new people to work with and write with. Okay. I'm saying exciting a lot. But, I guess it's just because everything is exciting!

So, stay tuned. I'm still planning to read a lot, but I'm also going to be writing! Yay!

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