Sunday, December 27, 2009

Week in Review

A week has happened at my house. I knew it was inevitable: that thing where the days go by and you just can't stop it. Since this week was actually the week of Christmas, a lot has happened. I don't know that I really want to relate everything here, but I do have a few things to talk about.

My sister got engaged. She's just younger than me and will be turning 30 this year. I remember being single and hoping, sometimes completely desperately, to be married before ... Before I turned 25. Before my 10 year high school reunion. Before my other siblings (I'm the oldest.) Before I got too old or set in my ways to make it fun. Fortunately, I managed to snag a great guy before my 10 year reunion, but after my 25th birthday. It was so hard to be single and want to be married and having kids. My sister has been waiting for the right guy for a long time and he proposed on Christmas Day. What a great memory! And it's exciting for someone new to join our family. Now, the race will be on for who has the first girl. We've already had 2 boys and anything could happen. She's sure that she will have the first girl. We'll see.

In other news, my boys are sick. All three of them. I hate when every one else in my house is sick and I get to take care of them. My almost 3 year old just got over a case of walking pneumonia and it's really frustrating that he's sick again. The 1 year old hasn't gotten that sick. He's just cranky. In a strange side note, he's sleeping through the night, for the first time, ever. This is three days in a row.

And then, there is my husband. He's got the cold, too, which means nobody sleeps well at night. And then, he had a kidney stone yesterday. That's right, folks. We had a charming visit to the ER yesterday. I don't remember ever seeing him hurt like that. It was actually kind of scary for a little bit, until we figured out what was going on. We were in his hometown, visiting his parents, so that made it even more exciting. At least there was someone who could watch the boys for me. Don't worry. He's fine now. It's just another great story for our book of memories.

And this, on top of the week where friends and colleagues have been in the hospital for stabbings, random emergency surgeries, etc. I'm glad to be starting a new week. Here's to more happy things and less crazy ones in the coming days!

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