Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finding the balance

We got a kitchen scale for Christmas this year. I actually was really excited because it will help me with managing my weight, something that I dread on a regular basis. I pulled it out this morning to see how much I actually eat when I pour a bowlful of yummy cereal. The answer in a nutshell: too much. You read the back of the box and you think... hey! I'm doing pretty good. One serving is 210 calories. And then, you weigh it and find out that you eat 3 or 4 servings in a morning. Good job, every one. Honestly. Who decided that 52 Grams of my favorite cereal is a serving? It looks like I'll be teaching my body about portion control.

On a similar note, I'm having a hard time weighing what I put on the blog. (See how I tied that in? Weighing food... weighing content... Huh? Huh?) I read different opinions about putting personal information on a writing blog. And if I want this to be a writing blog, how much is too much? I mean, I can talk about my kids till the stars turn cold, but does any one really care that my 1 year old climbed up his dresser and got stuck at the top? It made me laugh, but it's not exactly noteworthy to any one else (unless I'm writing a book about how to be a mother without killing your kids and not die laughing first.)

So, how much of my life should I write about? And how professional do I want to be? I don't know. If any one comes across a scale that measures that, let me know?

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Elana Johnson said...

I think you put as much as you're comfortable sharing. I try to relate my posts to writing, because that's the brand I'm going for with my name. I try to be entertaining and sometimes that stems from my real life.

So it's really up to you!