Friday, April 30, 2010

And one more thing

Today is the last day of Small and Simple Things Week. I've really had a good time focusing on the small things that I can do to be better and the simple things that make it worthwhile. I hope you have too.

I have just one more thing I wanted to add. Thank you. Thank you to all of you who come and read this blog. Thank you for the comments. Thank you for connecting with me in this journey. Thank you for the support and encouragement on my down days and the celebrations on the good ones.

I can't think of anything more important than telling you all that I really appreciate you and the friendships we have made. Have a great weekend. I know I will.


Jaydee Morgan said...

Love hearing about your journey and how things are going - even if the no caffeine thing threw me for a loop yesterday but don't worry, I drank enough coffee for the both of us ;)

Have a great weekend!

Talli Roland said...

Aw... thank YOU! Have a great weekend.

Sandy Shin said...

I loved reading all your posts for Small and Simple Things Week, though I couldn't comment on all of them. And I'd also like to thank you for sharing them and being wonderful and supportive.

Have a great weekend!

Nishant said...

Have a great weekend!
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