Friday, February 18, 2011

Answers to all your questions and more...

Okay. Not really all your questions. Just any questions from the post on Wednesday in which I told several lies and only one truth. The best lies always have an element of truth to them. So, here we go.

1. I have never dyed my hair. FALSE I have dyed my hair for several different reasons. The first was for a play in high school. I dyed it black and I never was able to go back to my honey blond hair again. I was pretty distraught about that. In college, I dyed my hair fire engine, almost purple, red. Just because it drove my mom nuts. Yeah. I was that girl for a while.

2. I keep a jar of bacon grease in the fridge because everything tastes better with bacon. FALSE While I love bacon, this is not something I would do. My mom did when I was growing up. We do have a grease jar on the counter, but not for reusing.

3. I have never been out of the country. FALSE This is almost true. I went to a town near the Canadian border with my then boyfriend to meet his family. I spent a week there. We broke up later.

4. I have never had a pet. FALSE We never had a cat or dog, even though I really wanted one. What we did have was a bowl of fish. I killed them. The first one died because we caught it and put it in a cottage cheese container, then stirred it up with a pencil. Mom rescued it, but the damage had been done. He must have communicated the horror that waited, because the next night, one fish jumped out of the bowl, repeatedly, and flopped around the floor. The last fish died when we fed him laundry detergent. (It was the same kind of flaky stuff that mom put in the bowl. I don't know why he didn't take well to his change in diet.)

5. I have been run over by a car. TRUE!!! As a missionary for my church, I got run over by my companion. The front wheel rolled up my leg. I should have been crushed, but miraculously escaped with minor scrapes and bruises. I used crutches for a few weeks, but was just fine after that. I had several other run-ins during my time as a missionary. One head on collision, one rear end collision. None of them my fault.

6. I speak several languages fluently. FALSE I used to be able to speak German fluently. I have a handful of phrases and words in Spanish, Latin, Italian, Swedish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and a few others. Sadly, with toddlers, I feel like my grasp of the English language suffers, so I don't even know if I can speak that fluently any more.

7. I'm a trained dancer. FALSE I have been part of a show choir where dancing was required. I've even choreographed routines, but I've never really had formal dance lessons. There was that awkward social dancing class in 9th grade where my partner was a girl (if I had a partner.) Yeah. Good times.

So, there you have it. More random facts about me. 

No plans for the holiday weekend. Except that I plan to really start hitting the writing sometime next week. Hopefully, I'm ready.

What about you, friends? Anything fun in the works?

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Myrna Foster said...

I almost guessed that one. I had a friend in college who pretended he was going to hit me with his truck, and then he accidently did. Nothing serious, but I did have a bruise.