Friday, January 14, 2011

Finally... Friday

I could say that I'm glad to see the weekend. It's been a long week full of sleepless nights, busy kids, and a trip to the dentist. (Three cavities for me. Yikes!)

There are still so many things that I am trying to catch up on. There's this post that has been sitting for about six months where some really nice people gave me some blog awards and then I never did anything with them.

There's another post in my head that I really want to write. It's a serious and highly personal one, so I can't figure out how to approach it.

 So, instead of all the things that I could be writing in this blog post, I'll just say, happy weekend. It's a three-day weekend, apparently. And that means it should be great! We'll see you all back on Monday, where we will discuss more fabulous writing topics and whatever else comes to mind.

Here's how I'll be spending my weekend, most likely. What about you?


Krista V. said...

So sweet, Kayeleen. Is this your third? And I can't remember if you had a boy or a girl.

Wishing you much sleep and blogging inspiration. The first few months with a newborn always kill us.

Shannon said...

Hope you had a good weekend!