Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Melee

I was going to say Friday Free for All, but that was a little too alliterative. Just a few things to mention before the weekend.

1. It's not too late to sign up for the Mormon Writer Blogfest. We're all blogging on April 12th and would love to have you join us. If you are interested, drop me a line.

2. I wrote a short story for a contest and actually submitted it. It's the first time, ever, that I have followed through and submitted something. I have no idea how it will go over, but it will hopefully be the first of many things submitted to many people. (Especially if I ever intend to query in the near future.)

3. I hit 50 followers. I never imagined something like that happening when I first started my blog. I remember celebrating every new face that showed up. (Okay. I still do.) Thanks to every one who has shown an interest in what I have to say and come around occasionally. I sure like you all. (There may be some kind of awesomeness next week. I have to think about it.)

3.5 Check out an awesome (and quick) contest at PJ Hoover's blog as part of the Fool For A Book Hop. For that matter, check out all the blogs in the linky list on her page. You could win books. And it's cool.

4. My husband and I started a schedule together. I had previously tried to do something with a more regular daily regimen, but it didn't stick, since I was doing it by myself. Now that hubby is on board, we're making good progress. (I am exceptionally tired, though. Baby girl is not really a schedule girl and likes to stay up until much too late, even though mommy is still getting up in the morning on time.) I get a great start to the day and have the house mostly clean by the time mid-morning rolls around, leaving me with lots of time to do things of blogging and writing natures. It's great!

5. In reference to the above, here is the great lesson of the day. Trying to do some things by yourself doesn't really get you any where. We need someone to keep us accountable. We need someone to report to. We need someone who will help us when it's really, really hard. We need someone to remind us that the long-term goal is more important than the short-term reward. (Although that extra half of sleep is sooooo appealing.) This is the same idea, no matter where we apply it. Schedules, writing, housekeeping. As much as it's a solitary thing, we're never really alone.

That's all from me this week. Hope you all have plans for a great weekend. I know I do. Until Monday, friends!

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Karen Akins said...

Accountability is so important in my life. My writer friends and I set goals with repercussions, which is so helpful. And, of course, Hubbykins and I keep each other on our toes. :)