Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Want Ad Wednesday

I'm starting a new feature for the occasional Wednesday post. It won't be every week. Just once in a while, for the kicks and giggles. Hope you enjoy.

Looking for a change
Second draft manuscript with room to improve looking for a thorough once over by a kind and compassionate reader. Not looking for a life-time commitment, but a long-term relationship could develop. Please send inquiries to the inbox.

Help needed
Looking for a good mopping on a regular basis. Or possibly more broom time.  Also, fewer splashes, dribbles, and spills if it can be arranged. Contact wood floors for more info.

desperately seeking sanity
Sleep deprived mother of three seeks quiet, relaxing night out to regain sanity. Can't seem to remember where I left it, but I'm sure we can find it if we get out of the house. Please slide all applications under the locked bathroom door, which is currently the only place where alone time seems to happen.

How about you, friends? What do you want today?


Jolene Perry said...

Sleep depravity goes with both writing and motherhood...
Gotta just laugh it up in the delirium that comes from exhaustion ;)

Jackee said...

OH, man! You get alone time in the bathroom?? :o) Kidding. These ads were so very cute and clever. Thanks for sharing!

ali said...

ROFL! I especially liked the bathroom door one ~ I remember those days!

Anonymous said...


Very cute ads :)

Mine would be: Looking for a tranquilizer to shoot the Monkey Brain with, so it would calm down and let me write.

Deborah Burns said...

Hehe! Thanks for the smile!