Friday, March 26, 2010


Running a little behind today. The boys have been sick all week and every one is clingy to mommy. It's great fun. And it's been snowing most of the morning. Another three or four inches. March came in like a lion and it's leaving like a lion too.

I was thinking last night about this where I am right now. And where I was a year ago. It's amazing to step back and see the progress I have made in my life.

One year ago, we had just moved into this house. We had been managing an apartment complex, but our family was just too big to make it work any more. We gave up our free internet and cable and found a bigger place. And I went crazy for about a month, not having anything to do with the free time during naps, or down time. And so I started writing.

I surprised myself. I didn't know I had a book in me. But I did. And it only took a few months to get a first draft finished. Not even writing full time. Just during naps and after bedtime. And I found out that I loved writing. Since then, I've written another first draft and half of a second draft. And it's amazing and fun and fulfilling in a way that other things weren't.

I can't believe how much difference a year can make. Even just in myself. What have you done in the last year that you are proud of?


Shannon O'Donnell said...

Wow. You really have come a long way in only a year - good for you! :-)

The past year I began my blog. I decided I need to share my journey with people who understood what I was going through - the joys and sorrows, celebrations and setbacks that we deal with along the way. And I have continued my writing dreams - revisions, revisions, revisions. :-)

Tahereh said...

i know exactly what you mean -- SO much can change in one year!! one year ago i wasn't even thinking about writing as a real career. weird how much things can change.

so happy for you and your successes!!

best of luck!!

Elle Strauss said...

Talk about a silver lining! Sometimes things we think are bad news become, as they say, blessings in disguised. I'm so glad you found your love of writing.

Last year at this time I was revising a book I wrote during Nano. Now that book is out on submissions to editors. Yes, a year can make a big difference.

PJ Hoover said...

Happy Anniversary to you! I do love looking back at all I accomplish in a year. When I actually list it out, it's not all bad!

Stephanie L. McGee said...

Congrats! That's awesome. Best of luck in the coming year!