Monday, March 15, 2010


It's a funny thing. As a writer, and a blogger, I pour my heart and soul into words. Little pieces of me trail out onto the paper every day. And the words seem to flow with an ease that I would never expect. Any one who reads what I have written can see those pieces of me and know something about my hopes and dreams, the person that I am.

It's a funny thing that when it comes to something really personal, I don't know where to find the words. My uncle died last night. It was sudden and unexpected. A heart attack. Despite every effort, nothing could be done to save him. I didn't know him very well. We've never been really close to that side of my family. I don't feel particularly distraught. It's just something that happened. And I don't know if I should feel something different. Or if I should say anything else.

It's a funny thing.


destrella said...

Sorry for your loss. I've been told there is no "proper" way to mourn and everyone has a different way of seeing and dealing with things. Hope your day gets brighter :O)

Elana Johnson said...

I'm sorry about his death. But I know exactly what you mean. Like you think you should feel a certain way about something, and you just don't. *hugs*

Kristi said...

I'm so sorry Kayeleen,

My thoughts are with you...and there's nothing wrong with not having words for such an instance or feeling what others think you should feel. What you feel is always okay.

I'm with Elana...**lots of hugs coming your way**