Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Finally, a winner!

Okay. It's only taken me forever to get to this, but the winner of a special surprise from my first blogfest is....

Shelly Brown!!!!

You have won your choice of a book from Amazon.com or the Book Depository or you can choose a critique of your query or first 10 pages instead. Email me at kayejazz @ gmail dot com to claim your prize.

And to all and sundry who have been coming by the blog, commenting etc. I am a horrible person who struggles with responding to comments. I've tried many different methods and will continue to try and catch up. I read them all and don't want you to feel neglected. 

Thanks everyone. You make my day!


The Golden Eagle said...

Congratulations to the winner! :)

Small Town Shelly Brown said...

Thanks Kayeleen!
Thanks Golden Eagle for the congrats :D

I'd like to thank the academy and random.com, my mother and the fates. *feigns tears* You like me! You really like me!!

I'll email you with my decision (yes, I'm still making up my mind...)