Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday Want-ads

New clocks. Preferably with a few extra hours.
Not finding enough hours in the day.

Dell laptop overheats at 
completely inconvenient and random times.
Would like to resolve this problem.
Knowledgeable parties may inquire below.

Now offering napping services.
Can't get in your own nap?
Let my baby have your nap for you.
Flexible schedule. Will work with you.
(Any time that a nap results will be good.)

New and improved.
Self-cleaning houses.
Just coming to your market soon.
Free up all kinds of time in your busy day!

You may have noticed the theme today. I desperately want more time! What do you want today, friends?


Tracey L. Bentley said...

I'll take one of those self-cleaning houses! What I want is for the string of storms that are going through our area to stop. The clean-up is so time consuming and having no power really sucks.

Stephanie McGee said...

More time. Definitely more time.

These made me giggle. (Sorry about the computer. I have no tips.)

Sarah Pearson said...

More sleep! And someone else to cook dinner :)

Tara Tyler said...

i'll take one of those clocks
and as for the house, tell me when its available! sold!

Krispy said...

Cute post! I'm with you on wanting more time. I always want more time and sleep, but you know, if I had more time, I'd get more sleep! Vicious cycle.

Tonja said...

A self-cleaning house is an interesting idea - self-cleaning diapers would be better.

For laptop, if you are using it on a soft surface (like your lap) don't. May be your fan. If it's under warranty, Dell will talk you through fixing it over the phone, which is kind of cool.

More hours would be exhausting... I think I need a shorter day.

Jenny Phresh said...

Ah, a full day to sleep would be marvelous indeed! Except that I probably would contract insomnia at that inconvenient time.

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

So cute, I love it! I also need more time, evidenced by the fact that it's almost one in the morning and I'm still frantically editing. :)


Jolene Perry said...

I'm generally always after time.

When people start asking about wanted superpowers, that's the one I'm after.

Small Town Shelly Brown said...

You're so clever! If I could benefit from your baby taking my nap for me, I'd do it in a heart beat!