Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And The People Rejoiced

I received my first blog award this week. Kristen at Take It As It Comes gave me the Picasso Award, and I was so excited, I found myself running through an acceptance speech in my head. (I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the... ) That was before I realized I was probably getting carried away. It's just a nice thought that I am connecting with people.

This award apparently comes with the stipulation that I must tell you seven things about myself that you probably don't know. There are so many things that I could put down, but where to start?

1. I'm actually pretty funny. People don't often know I am funny because I spend a lot of time in situations where humor isn't high on the list. Like at church. But I am funny. At least, I think I'm funny. Here's an example. Imagine a young family around the dinner table. Food and noise are being thrown around with equal tenacity by two toddlers. The oldest, who is almost 3, raises his bread high in the air and lets loose with a piercing scream. He lowers the bread, then repeats the process several times. I turn to my husband and say, "What's the matter? Is the bread afraid of heights?" OK. It was funny to me.

2. I almost never wear make-up. It's not that I think make-up is bad. I just don't like it. If you meet me and I'm wearing make-up, something really cool or important is going on. I will wear the stuff to church, but on a normal weekday trip to the store, I'm au naturale. (Fortunately, my husband doesn't see a need for me to wear make-up. He's really good that way.)

3. I love Pride and Prejudice. I read it once a year, sometimes more. I just got back from the library and have checked out Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. My husband says it will forever ruin my reading of Pride and Prejudice because I'll be thinking about the zombie attack. He also says this might make Jane Austen palatable. Next on the list is Sense and Sensibilities and Sea Monsters.

4. I love to travel, but rarely do. I lived in the midwest for almost two years. I traveled to Canada once. I visited Washington, DC. I love seeing new places and new things. It's a goal of mine to go someplace I have never been at least every other year. (I'm trying to be realistic, knowing that a big trip isn't always in the cards.) The list of places I would like to see is longer than the list of places I have been, by about 2000 percent.

5. I'm allergic to caffeine. Really. I am. I break out in hives. I pass out. It's not just that I don't tolerate it well because I never drink it and act crazy or drunk. I really can't drink caffeine. (This does not prevent me from eating chocolate. The body uses the chemical in chocolate the same way, but it is not the same artificial compound as you find in caffeinated beverages. You just try to separate me from my chocolate and see what happens. I dare you.)

6. Hair is the bane of my existence. And always has been. I had no hair until I was two and it just got worse from there. (My husband really likes my hair. He says it's soft and fun. I keep it very short most of the time so that I don't have to deal with naturally semi-wavy hair on only one side of my head.)

7. I'm wordy. You, fabulous reader, have probably figured this out all ready because you are smart and able to use logic. You have been reading this post and see how the words just keep coming and coming and coming and ... you get the picture. That's why I'm a writer. I have a lot to say.

And now, to pass on the love. I hereby bequeath this award to:

Lynnette Labelle at Chatterbox Chit Chat. Her posts are informative and fun, and she's just a cute gal.

Kristin Rae at Kristin Creative. She's fun to read and has a great contest going on at her blog right now to win an autographed copy of Ally Carter's Heist Society.

Josin L. McQuein at My Bloggish Blog Thing She's fun to follow. She has a great series going on at her blog right now about the struggle of a new author to get published. I love it. (She doesn't follow me, but I follow her.)

Kristi at Random Daily Thoughts. She's one of the first followers on my blog and she has a book being published tomorrow! How cool is that?

And Elana Johnson. She probably gets tons of awards, but she deserves them all. Her blog is amazing and so much fun.

Thanks for the award and thanks for sharing the fun with me!


Lynnette Labelle said...

Thanks for the award. You made my day.

I've never heard of someone who's actually allergic to caffeine, but why the heck not? People seems to be allergic to the strangest things. Myself included. I'm allergic to shrimp, but not any other creature from the sea.

Lynnette Labelle

Josin L. McQuein said...

Thanks for the award, Kay. :-)

And as of today, I follow you, too.

Elana Johnson said...

Thank you!

And I think we might be twins or something. I adore short hair. I think I'm funny sometimes, and I hardly ever wear makeup. Oh, and I'd travel everywhere if I could. :)

Kristin Rae said...

It was great learning more about you! And thanks so much for the award! You rock!

I actually have an award lined up for you soon, too!! (watch out, you'll have a zillion of them lined up in no time!) Be on the lookout! I'm posting them soon!!

Kayeleen said...

It's so much fun learning about people and connecting with them. I'm so grateful for all of you and the things I'm gaining from my association with you.

Kayeleen said...

Lynette, I agree. Allergies are weird. Caffeine is the only thing I'm allergic to. I don't like mushrooms much, but that's another thing all together.