Thursday, February 25, 2010

And so it begins....

When I started writing, I new that it would be a long road. I knew that there would be times when I didn't want to do the work, when I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere, when I found that not every one liked me or my writing, or other equally hard or depressing things. I just didn't expect it to come so fast.

Ok. It's not really that serious. I'm being all dramatic and it doesn't mean anything. It doesn't even hurt at all, it's just a funny sort of thing that rejection comes in all forms and in all places.

But wait, you ask! What's going on here? Let me tell you a short story. I started trying out different social networking, just to see what really suits me. I'd been using the facebook for a long time, so that's a go. I started the blog and love it, so that's a go, too. Next step, twitter. It's fascinating and confusing. And a slow start. And I don't look very often. I don't have a lot to say. (Which is strange because I am normally so verbose.) I enjoy seeing the little tweets and am amazed that some people have so much to say in however many characters or less. In a strange sort of way, there is a little thrill when an email shows up saying, "Someone thinks you are interesting and wants to follow you." Last night there were 7 people in that category. Today, there are only 6.

It's kind of weird that my first thought was "what did I do wrong?" And then I laughed at myself. Really, it's not important if someone I don't really know doesn't care about what I'm not doing. (Did that make sense?) Yeah, it's a rejection of a sort, and the first of probably more than I want to count before I can see a shiny book with my name on it in a store somewhere, but it really gives me a frame of reference. I hope that sometime down the road when I get a stack of letters that say one of many variations of "Not for us" I look back at my very first rejection and say, "I can't change your reaction. I can only change what I am doing." And then, I hope I move forward with determination and clarity.

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