Friday, February 12, 2010

Guerilla attack

I'm realizing that a one month goal for finishing this round of edits may have been unrealistic. Half the month is gone and I haven't made any really significant headway. Chalk this up to "yet another thing I didn't know when I started." It's amazing how many of those there are. Maybe I'll make a list one of these times, when I've figured it all out. (Fifteen years from now.)(Or never.)

The amazing thing is that I don't feel discouraged. I look at where I am and it's so much further than I was at this point a year ago when I hadn't even put fingers to keyboard. I started this journey the first week of April and I can't believe how much I've all ready learned and accomplished. This is where you have to really put value on the intrinsic. There aren't very many people who can look at everything and say, "WOW!" except maybe my husband. He sees all the stages. It's nice to have someone with that perspective when every one measures success by being published. (I can't tell you how many of my casual friends or acquaintances have asked when they can buy my book or when it will be on shelves. Try back two or three years from now. Maybe.)

So, I'm fighting the sneak attack of literature. The one where you never knew exactly what you were in for, but now that you are entrenched in the war, you can't back out. I'm trying to be realistic about my expectations. Otherwise, I will be seriously depressed. Long, long road ahead!

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day to all you believers out there. (I used to be one for celebrating Single Awareness Day, instead, but honoring love seems like a great thing.)

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