Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Something new

I like my two year old. He's pretty funny, most of the time. Lately, he's added a new phrase to his vocabulary and it makes me laugh every time. "Babe, you need to go to bed." "I will go to bed." (The will is the new addition.) Everything for him has become "I will." I will sing. I will eat. I will sleep. He's really proud of himself, too. He gets this great big smile and I just melt.

It's amazing how my two year old teaches me about life. He never attaches any if's to his experience. "I will go to bed if you give me a cookie." That might be something he learns later, but it's really not that great a thing if he does. I don't think that everything has to be black and white in the world, but wouldn't it be a lot better if we just said "I will" instead of worrying about what was in it for me or what I'm going to have to do to get there?

This is particularly meaningful in my writing. "I will write more if people tell me I'm doing a good job." "I will work on my novel if..." After attaching a whole bunch of conditions to my success, how successful can I really be? So, this coming week, I'm going knock out a few of my if's and just do the things that I want to do. No qualifiers. I'm looking forward to some great successes in the coming days.

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