Tuesday, February 9, 2010

When Inspiration Strikes

I read on Kiersten White's blog that she gets inspiration when she's wet. Washing the dishes, in the shower, or something like that. It got me to thinking about when I get the most inspiration for my stories. And the answer surprised me.

I get the most ideas just before I fall asleep. Last night, I was drifting in that lovely land between awake and asleep when I had an apostrophe. Lightning struck my brain. (Insert classic movie reference here.) It's like the sprites come in the window on their moonbeams and drip something cool into my mind. And almost all of my current ideas have come in those hazy hours.

It makes me wonder how good my ideas are. I guess there are two schools of thought I could adopt. The first is that I could be completely off my rocker because I'm only half awake. The second is that in those half awake moments, my subconscious is free to assert itself and be creative. I think I'll choose option number two. Finding ideas is great, no matter how it happens.

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Shelli said...

I get them in my dreams and then forget them in the morning :)